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It's all in the Details! -FAQ

Candles + Sprays

We are a small batch premium home fragrance line of rich & luxurious scents …with a sense of humor.

Our fragrances are created with premium oils that are blended EXCLUSIVELY by us, for our brand.

Because S O Y burns longer than other waxes you'll enjoy these burn times for our candles.

Mini 4oz - Jar candle burn time = 20+ hours.

Travel Tin 6oz - candle burn time = 30+ hours.

Standard 8oz - Jar candle burn time = 40+ hours.

Large 16oz- Jar candle burn time = 80+ hours.

Wax Melt Cubes - 8-10 hours per cube for up to 60 hours total. (Varies by the fragrance type slightly.)

Burn time is approximate depending on a multiple of variables such as wick length and air currents. Please remember: AIR DRAFTS are not a candle's friend, so if you notice tunneling or uneven burn, either move the candle to another location, or rotate the candle 1/4 turn every time you light it. And always trim your wick to ¼” every time you light it.

Reed Diffusers-  Available all 8 scents (Perfect way to freshen & scent your environment while you are away.)

Our reed diffusers are made with the same premium fragrance blends as all of the candles.

Each comes with 5 reed sticks. 

For a lighter scent, use less reed sticks.

Each 6oz bottle will last approximately  4-6 months.


Diffuser Oils - Our fragrance oil is a 100% pure diffuser blend created with the highest quality and ingredients that are safe or your home, family, and pets. 

Our oils are designed to be conveniently used with your favorite electric diffusers, wax warmers and our FUN aerial diffusers to create your ideal ambience. 

- Add 5 to 10 drops of oil to your diffuser. 
- To achieve your desired ambient scent, add more or less drops to adjust fragrance intensity. 
- Follow specific device instructions
- Place on a protected surface.

15ml bottles with dropper for easy application.



Room + Linen Sprays – Available in all of our fantastic fragrances.

Not your typical air freshener…Another great way to freshen up your environment, stale linens& even yourself!


Pillow Spray- Zzz’s Please

For this spray we decided to use premium ESSENTIAL OILS.

Feel confident laying your head down on a perfect blend of relaxing scents to aid in a great night of sleep.