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It's all in the Details! -FAQ

We are a small batch premium home fragrance line of rich & luxurious scents …with a sense of humor.

Our fragrances are created with premium oils that are blended EXCLUSIVELY by us, for our brand.

Because S O Y burns longer than other waxes you'll enjoy these burn times for our candles.

Mini 4oz - Jar candle burn time = 20+ hours.

Travel Tin 6oz - candle burn time = 30+ hours.

Standard 8oz - Jar candle burn time = 40+ hours.

Large 16oz- Jar candle burn time = 80+ hours.

Wax Melt Cubes - 8-10 hours per cube for up to 60 hours total. (Varies by the fragrance type slightly.)

Burn time is approximate depending on a multiple of variables such as wick length and air currents. Please remember: AIR DRAFTS are not a candle's friend, so if you notice tunneling or uneven burn, either move the candle to another location, or rotate the candle 1/4 turn every time you light it. And always trim your wick to ¼” every time you light it.

Reed Diffusers-  Available all 8 scents (Perfect way to freshen & scent your environment while you are away.)

Our reed diffusers are made with the same premium fragrance blends as all of the candles.

Each comes with 5 reed sticks. 

For a lighter scent, use less reed sticks.

Each 6oz bottle will last approximately  4-6 months.


Linen/Room Spray – So Fresh & So Clean

Not your typical air freshener…Another great way to freshen up your environment &/or stale linens.


Pillow Spray- Zzz’s Please

For this spray we decided to use premium ESSENTIAL OILS.

Feel confident laying your head down on a perfect blend of relaxing scents to aid in a great night of sleep.